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A private yoga lesson designed around your needs and abilities is the safest & easiest way to build a healthy yoga habit!

You will work out together with your instructors according to a program designed JUST FOR YOU.

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1-on-1 Yoga for Individuals with chairs

Benefits of Private One-on-One Yoga Lessons for Individuals with chairs

[1] You need someone to understand your situation

The benefits of Yoga can be seen in your mind, body, and spirit with a chair. Individuals with chairs can benefit from yoga through simple postures and breath work./p>

[2] You need to take your own path to reach your goal

Our instructor will help you to plan your practice and leads you to your goals.

[3] Personal feedbacks will work for you

Our instructor will give you feedbacks for your own situations.

[4] Safety is the most priority

Safety practice is the fastest way to improve your practice.

[5] Proven reputation to secure your pracitice

You need a ceitain partner with proven record. We have been working for yoga industries 18 years and have built reputation in Asia.

[6] 1 on 1 but affordable price

We recruit good quality yogainstructors from countries with relatively low currency rate so that you can make 1 on 1 practice with daily routine.

Service Overview

  • The benefits of using a chair in yoga lessons:

    Utilizing a chair in yoga allows for easier core stabilization and balance maintenance. This is particularly beneficial for beginners and the elderly. Moreover, chair yoga is also useful for those with limited flexibility or those undergoing rehabilitation, as it allows for control over body movements and poses at one's own pace.

  • The following individuals are suited for chair yoga:

    Chair yoga is suitable for beginners, the elderly, those with limited flexibility, those undergoing rehabilitation, and even office workers who often sit for long periods. Even for those who lack confidence in their physical strength, using a chair as a support makes it possible to safely experience yoga poses.

  • About the tradition and technique of chair yoga based on Iyengar yoga:

    Iyengar yoga is a form of yoga that emphasizes performing the traditional forms of yoga accurately, characterized by the use of props to assist in poses. With chair yoga, it is possible to maintain accurate and safe alignment based on the principles of Iyengar yoga.

  • Features of ONE OM ONE's private one-on-one yoga lessons:

    In our private yoga lessons, we pay individual attention to each client and provide guidance tailored to your needs. This allows you to understand yourself and learn at your own pace.

  • Customized instruction using chairs by professional instructors:

    Our professional instructors customize chair yoga programs according to each student's physical strength, fitness level, and specific needs. This allows students to enjoy a safe and effective yoga experience at their own pace.

Concerns about engaging in chair yoga

  • Appropriate support techniques by the instructor needed to perform yoga using a chair:

    In chair-assisted yoga, appropriate support from the instructor is important. The instructor needs the ability to guide suitable poses and alignment according to the student's physique, abilities, and needs. Moreover, specific technical guidance, such as how to balance using the chair or how far to stretch the body, is also required.

  • Safety measures and considerations during online yoga sessions:

    In online yoga, it is important to secure a safe space in advance as the lessons will be taken at home. During the session, it is also necessary to consider the angle of the camera so that the instructor can properly observe the student's movements. Furthermore, communication channels that allow for immediate questions or feedback should be in place should the student encounter any problems or uncertainties.

  • Progress at your own pace without overexertion:

    In our private one-on-one yoga lessons, we proceed according to the physical capabilities and needs of our clients. This allows you to continue at your own pace without overexertion.

Yoga for Individuals with chairs

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga for Individuals with chairs

  • What are the benefits of doing yoga with a chair?

    Chair yoga enhances body stability and helps maintain balance ability. It is particularly beneficial for beginners, the elderly, people with limited body flexibility, or those in rehabilitation. Moreover, it allows for control over body movements and poses at one's own pace.

  • Who is chair yoga suitable for?

    Chair yoga is suitable for beginners, the elderly, those with limited body flexibility, those in rehabilitation, and office workers who often sit for long periods. Even for those who lack confidence in their physical strength, using a chair as a support allows them to safely experience yoga poses.



I had an amazing chair yoga experience! The teacher was attentive, adjusting poses for my injury. The mantra and breathwork helped me stay focused. I'll definitely recommend this inclusive yoga to my friends for its mental health benefits. Joining the referral program too!


I have been practicing yoga for many years, but due to lower back pain, it became challenging to keep up in group classes. Discovering one-on-one remote yoga sessions was a game-changer! The instructor was pleasant and provided valuable feedback on my postures.


After years of struggling with lower back pain, I found the perfect solution with online chair yoga. The personalized sessions and real-time feedback have transformed my practice. It's affordable and convenient, allowing me to enjoy group classes too. I highly recommend this accessible and positive approach to yoga!

  • Miles Maeda

    Gyrokinesis is an integrated movement system suitable for various body types, mobility levels, and movement experience. It works gently on the joints, especially the spine, which supports back, hip, and shoulder issues. It tones the internal organs and encourages heathy flow of energy though the body.

  • July Lai

    "Chair Yoga and Wheel Chair Yoga is the union of body, mind and breath. Regardless you are siting, standing or lying down, as long as you are able to connect these three aspect in your yoga practice, you are doing the true yoga. Keep in mind: Empty ourselves appropriately to have enough room to spit out the old and add the new. Learn to empty ourselves to embrace everything that was given in life." by July Lai

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