1-on-1 Yoga for Hearing Impaired

Benefits of Private One-on-One Yoga Lessons for Hearing Impaired

[1] You need someone to understand your situation

Individuals with hearing loss face unique daily stresses. Yoga offers balance and tranquility, becoming an essential tool for managing these challenges. Our instructors are trained to cater to the needs of those with hearing loss.

[2] You need to take your own path to reach your goal

Our instructor will help you to plan your practice and leads you to your goals.

[3] Personal feedbacks will work for you

Our instructor will give you feedbacks for your own situations.

[4] Safety is the most priority

Safety practice is the fastest way to improve your practice.

[5] Proven reputation to secure your pracitice

You need a ceitain partner with proven record. We have been working for yoga industries 18 years and have built reputation in Asia.

[6] 1 on 1 but affordable price

We recruit good quality yogainstructors from countries with relatively low currency rate so that you can make 1 on 1 practice with daily routine.

Service Overview

  • Why we offer yoga lessons for the Hearing Impaired

    In our information-saturated world, many face daily stress, with the hearing impaired often experiencing added stress from communication barriers and environmental noise. Yoga promotes harmony of mind and body, and our subtitled lessons aim to make these benefits fully accessible to those with hearing challenges, offering a unique sense of peace beyond the world of sound.

  • Features of ONE OM ONE's private one-on-one yoga lessons:

    ONE OM ONE's 1-on-1 private yoga lessons are fully customizable to each individual's needs. We pay attention to each student, adjusting yoga poses to their body movements and abilities. This allows us to provide a safe and effective yoga session.

  • Individually customized instruction to achieve your ideal body and mental state:

    Every individual has a unique physical and mental state. At "ONE OM ONE", considering your objectives, needs, and current condition, we design the optimum yoga routine for you. Through this personalized guidance, we support you in achieving your ideal body and mind.

Solving Problems Faced by Hearing Impaired

  • Enhanced Self-Acceptance and Self-Esteems:

    Yoga practices promote self-acceptance. This can help individuals with hearing impairment recognize their worth and feel valued in themselves.

  • Improved Communication:

    ESince yoga involves movements synchronized with deep breathing, it might be beneficial in enhancing non-verbal communication skills. This could be instrumental in strengthening communication through sign language and body language.

  • Strengthened Social Connection:

    Personal yoga sessions or small group yoga classes can provide an accepting and safe environment for individuals with hearing impairments. Such experiences can help in fostering deeper connections with others.

Online Private Yoga for Hearing Impaired

Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga for Hearing Impaired

  • Can I participate even if I don't know sign language?

    Yes, yoga is highly effective in alleviating stress. Yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation help to calm and relax the mind and body. This reduces mental tension and anxiety, allowing one to experience inner peace.

  • Can beginners participate?

    Absolutely, we welcome individuals of all levels, from beginners to those experienced.

  • How can I ask questions or make requests during the session?

    you can ask questions via chat. We also welcome feedback and questions before and after sessions.