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  • "A delightful way to start the day"

    My online class with the yoga teacher this morning was a very delightful way to start the day. It felt really natural with her & therapeutic. With her, you don’t have to feel inadequate about being less than a beginner at yoga. She will take care of you on screen, just like the real deal.

  • "Fully communicate with the yoga teacher via zoom"

    It was the first experience for me to fully communicate with yoga teachers via zoom. The teacher's voice was clear, and with her guidance I was able to fully be relaxed. I liked it so much.

  • "It’s comfortable to do the private lesson at home"

    I love it. It’s comfortable to do the private lesson at home, I don’t have to change cloth with other sweaty people in the gym. It’s all here. I don’t want to go out in winter.

  • "Nothing like this in my town"

    The yoga teacher guided me very well. Everything was lovely and I could understand everything. Nothing like this in my town. I have never heard of private lesson here.

  • "The yoga teacher worked very well with me"

    The yoga teacher worked very well with me and made adjustment when there was a point I couldn’t form a palm she adjusted it accordingly. I really like the mantra she coached me though the breathing the whole time.