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Online Private Yoga with Miki (45min)

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Message for 1 on 1 practice students from Miki

Yoga is a way of life accessible to anyone anywhere, anytime in their span of life. The key to yoga is consistency - with a consistent practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation, all perks of life - including physical flexibility and strength, clarity and balance in mind, positive and composed attitudes, and more - will eventually flourish. In an acknowledgment of individual differences, yoga allows and encourages modifications to each one's physical and spiritual needs - so you are never too late nor ever "not good enough" to start yoga.


What Miki keeps in mind when she leads 1 on 1 yoga practice

Whether it's a job or daily routine, I believe that understanding the student's lifestyle outside of the class is truly important in leading the best practices for them. Our environment such as locations or phases in life, or even the seasons - can really affect the way our bodies work. And most importantly, we each have different levels of physical strength and flexibility, as well as capabilities in mind. Starting with sharing one's day or current life happenings, a range of variations will be offered throughout my class to adapt to each one's needs.


About Miki

My name is Miki and I am a certified Ishta Yoga instructor (RYT200). I was born in Japan and raised in Singapore, and have started practicing yoga in 2013 as a way of relieving my stress from my marketing job. My yoga practice has supported me throughout all transitions of life such as relocating countries and pregnancy - and has strengthened me in both physical and mindful ways. I believe that my experiences can provide comfort to one's life - and with my years of accumulated practice, I am able to offer a wholesome yoga practice in both Japanese and English. I am currently residing in San Diego, California, and pursuing my ultimate goal of sharing the beauty of the yogic way of life.