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Online Private Yoga with Kana (45min)

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Message for 1 on 1 practice students from Kana

One of the benefits of Yoga is that it helps women in many different life situations. It is helpful in prenatal and postnatal pregnancy, dealing with PMS and menopause. I am in my 40s and have had to deal with all these things. Yoga has taught me that I can get through these rough times without constant fighting. It is easy for me to imagine how much harder it would be to deal with life’s challenges without Yoga. I don’t see Yoga as a physical fitness fad – but as something deeper as a valuable skill to use in navigating life. Each person will have their Yoga journey, but I can guarantee that it is something you would not be able to experience by reading something out of a book.


What Kana keeps in mind when she leads 1 on 1 yoga practice

Yoga is nothing without a focus on breathing. In practicing Yoga, mastering breathing is more important than posing Asana. Exhaling helps your muscles to relax and, as a result, makes your body more flexible. If you become good friends with breathing, the result will directly lead to being better at Asana – in addition to other benefits. More than focusing on posing perfect Asana, I recommend that clients or students focus more on breathing practice. – Keep breathing, and everything follows. Unknown -


About Kana

I have actively practiced Yoga for 16 years. Yoga is an essential part of me; it feels like a best friend. When I used to work as an IT administrator back in Japan, I started Yoga for the first time to help deal with the stress of the workload. Yoga healed my chronic pains, fixed many physical issues, and reduced my mental focus. Since then, Yoga has become something that cannot be separated from my life. One of the reasons I have engaged in teaching Yoga is that I want to share with as many people as possible that while Yoga itself cannot solve every problem, Yoga can be the source of great wisdom from within ourselves. I have dealt with many uphill battles, but Yoga has been a dependable source of support.