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Private Yoga Instructor Sprina

Specializes :

Yoga for Tight Muscles

Yoga for Plus Size & Body Positivity

Yoga for Seniors

Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga


Message for 1 on 1 practice students from Sprina

Hello students, thank you for choosing yoga and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to connect with you this way.

We all start somewhere, whether you’re a total beginner, or you’re back from a long hiatus, or you could be healing from an injury; knowing that the class will be planned according to your needs.

Just be patient with your journey as yoga learning is a life long self exploration both physically and mentally.

I hope you get to experience the many benefits of yoga as you progress. Thank you for letting me to support you in your own exploration. See you on the mat, namaste.


What Sprina keeps in mind when she leads 1 on 1 yoga practice

Safety is the number one priority, always listen to your body and rest whenever needed. A strong foundation is the key in keeping your practice safe, you’ll be learning proper alignments and muscles engagement in poses, and you’ll also learn how to use your breath to deepen your practice.

Modification and advance option are always available, so you can have fun while figuring out what’s the best for you at the moment.


About Sprina

Sprina (RYT-200) first begun her yoga journey with the intention of getting healthier physically. Slowly she discovered and fell in love with the many mental and spiritual gifts of yoga: mental clarity, sense of inner calm, acceptance, and deep self-understanding.

Sprina believes in using breath to connect body and mind together for a deeper practice. In her teaching, she emphasis on the importance of proper alignment, pranayama breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation. Modification and advanced options are always available to encourage her students of different levels to explore their own limits and have fun in their practice.

After completing her 200-hours yoga teacher training in Malaysia and Thailand, she’s been spreading her knowledge and love for yoga in Malaysia and Doha, Qatar.