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Private Yoga Instructor Weiwen

Specializes :

Yoga for Tight Muscles

Yoga for Plus Size & Body Positivity

Yoga for Seniors


About Weiwen Ong

Weiwen embarked on a transformative journey into the world of yoga with the initial goal of achieving a healthier physique. Over time, Weiwen discovered a sense of grounding, and an endless wellspring of enjoyment, viewing it as a moving meditation.

This passion led Weiwen to delve deeper into the practice, culminating in the completion of a 200HR YTT (Yoga Teacher Training).
Weiwen's teaching style is a blend of Hatha yoga, characterized by the embrace of long-held poses, and flows with fun transitions.

As your instructor, Weiwen is dedicated to helping you explore foundational poses and finding comfort within the subtle discomfort. The ultimate goal is to deepen your relationship with your body and truly recognize the remarkable ways it supports you.