Cancellation Policy

1. No show and Late Cancellation

If you are unable to attend a session, kindly cancel through your account at least 3 hours before the class start time. Please note that cancellation requests via email will not be considered.
Fees for Late Cancellation and No-Show: Late Cancel: $5 No-Show: $10

Following a late cancellation or a no-show, a payment link will be sent to your email.
Please ensure payment is made before 3 hours prior to your next session. Failure to do so will result in your inability to attend the next session until the payment is received.

If You Cannot Attend the Session: To be eligible for the reward, cancel your appointment at least 3 hours before the scheduled start time thru your account. Failure to do so within the 3-hour window will result in the forfeiture of the reward.


2. Reward Program with Monthly Pass:

If you are a Monthly Pass holder, you have access to our no-show reward program.
It's simple – you could receive $10 cash back off your pass with 0 no-shows!

If you do not miss any scheduled sessions within your billing cycle, and your Monthly Pass is successfully renewed for the following month, you will be eligible to receive a $10 cash back off your next month’s payment through PayPal or a $10 Amazon gift card at the end of your billing cycle.

To redeem this, please contact us at and we will check your attendance record.


3. Manage Your Appointments Online:

You have the flexibility to manage your appointments directly through your account. Please sign in at the following link to access your upcoming bookings: Once logged in, you can conveniently cancel or schedule reservations at your convenience. For the most efficient communication and to ensure prompt updates for your instructor, we kindly request that you utilize your account for all modifications rather than reaching out via email.