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  • Stiff Body

    Individuals with muscle tightness usually feel pain and discomfort in specific yoga poses. Due to this, our teachers will need more work to deepen each posture. Our teachers will guide you through the practice at your own comfortable pace.

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  • Plus Sized

    Plus-sized individuals can benefit from adapting yoga to their lifestyles.
    Regular practice of yoga will help reduce fat in various body parts.
    This will help with weight management and proper health in the long run. Our teachers will listen and work with you towards your goals.

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  • Senior

    For seniors looking for a safe, effective way to enhance their health and overall wellness, slower-paced classes focusing more on stretching and breathing will result in many benefits for older adults.

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  • Prenatal

    Prenatal yoga classes focus on postures that are specifically safe and benefit pregnant women.
    Our certified prenatal instructors will focus on breathwork and specific yoga postures to help soon-to-be mothers connect their minds and bodies.

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  • Postnatal

    Giving birth and sustaining life is quite a journey for mothers.

    Our certified postnatal instructors will focus on recovery and restoration to allow mothers to breathe, balance and tune inwards.

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  • With Chair / Wheelchair

    The benefits of Yoga can be seen in your mind, body, and spirit with a chair or wheelchair.
    Individuals with chairs/wheelchairs can benefit from Yoga through simple postures and breath work.

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  • Amputee (Coming Soon)

    Our instructors will modify and adapt each pose to suit specific needs and disabilities. Multiple variations will be taught to meet the needs of the students.

  • Special Physical Condition

    Anyone can participate, and multiple variations are taught so that poses can be tailored to specific needs and abilities.
    Adaptive yoga classes are pretty individualized and often held in small groups. They also go slower than traditional classes but don't let that pace fool you. You can still work up a sweat.

  • Over 16 years of experience in the yoga industry

    Our Yoga journey began in 2016 in Yoyogi, Tokyo.
    It is managed by an experienced management team involved in the yoga industry for over 16 years.

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  • Proven track record of training more than 2,000 yoga instructors

    We have been offering yoga instructor training courses.
    We have trained over 2,000 yoga instructors and are Asia's most prominent yoga instructor training program.

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  • 3,000+ yogis from 40+ countries to practice together

    We have invited more than 100 yoga instructors worldwide, including Janet Lau, Joe Barnett, Kino Macgregor, Olop Arpipi, and Simon Borg-Olivier, to cope with the pandemic and provide the online yoga practice platform "OMTOGETHER" to everyone.

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  • My online class with Fonny this morning was a very delightful start to my day. It felt really natural with her & therapeutic. With Fonny, you don’t have to feel inadequate about being less than a beginner at yoga. She will take care of you on screen, just like the real deal.

  • It was the first experience for me to fully communicate with the teacher via online. The teacher's voice was clearly audible, and the easy-to-understand guidance made me to relax and take the course without feeling uncomfortable at all.

  • It was an eye opener for yoga breathing techniques. I felt calm but energised after the class.

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