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Everyday Yogis

With your daily practice, you are already on a remarkable journey of flexibility and strength. While you may find ease in many poses, some can still challenge and stretch your limits. Our teachers are here to support and guide you, ensuring your practice evolves at a pace that harmonizes with your body's rhythm and capabilities. 

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Tight Muscles

Individuals with tight muscles may feel pain or discomfort in specific yoga poses. This requires more work to deepen and achieve their dream yoga pose. Our teachers are fully equipped to gently guide you through your practice at a comfortable pace tailored to you

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Private Yoga for Every Sizes

Body Positivity

Experience transformative sessions tailored to your unique needs. Our caring teachers support and guide you on your yoga journey, regardless of body size or shape. Let's embark on this empowering journey together.

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Private Yoga for Seniors


Are you a senior citizen looking for a safe, effective way to enhance your health and overall wellness? Yoga stretches and breathing can bring many health-related benefits for you. Our teachers are trained to tailor your classes according to your pace.

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Private Yoga for Expecting Mothers

Expecting Mothers

Prenatal yoga classes focus on safe and beneficial postures for pregnant women. Our certified prenatal instructors will guide you through specific breathwork and yoga poses to help connect mothers-to-be with their minds and bodies.

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Private Postnatal Yoga

New Mothers

Giving birth and taking care of a newborn is quite a journey. Our certified postnatal instructors will guide you through recovery and restoration, allowing you to breathe and find balance once again.

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Private Yoga for Busy Lifestyles

Busy Lifestyles

Tailored for those leading demanding lives, including professionals,stay-at-home parents, and individuals with hectic schedules, our one-on-one yoga sessionsprovide a convenient and personalized way to find balance and rejuvenation amidst life's hustle.

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Private Yoga for Stress Management Seekers

Stress Management Seekers

Create a serene escape from life's pressures with ourone-on-one yoga sessions, designed to help you find inner peace and mental clarity, leavingstress and anxiety behind.

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I am fairly new to yoga and found this to be an awesome experience! The instructor was so nice and attentive. It made learning so much easier with a live human than with a video. What fun! Cannot wait to do another session!



"Across Time Zones: My Flexible Fitness Success with ONE OM ONE"

Thriving with ONE OM ONE's 1-on-1 classes, my hectic travel schedule met with custom sessions by Tomoko and Fonny, enhancing my yoga journey.



"Real Progress with Private Yoga"

I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability and quality of this online yoga class with Tomoko. It's a gem unlike any other, especially for a beginner like me.


"It’s comfortable to do the private lesson at home"

I love it. It’s comfortable to do the private lesson at home, I don’t have to change cloth with other sweaty people in the gym. It’s all here. I don’t want to go out in winter.


"The yoga teacher works very well with me"

My yoga instructor is very attentive and adjusts the postures when I have difficulty. I really appreciate the mantras she uses, guiding me through the breathing exercises throughout the entire session.


"Nothing like this in my town"

The yoga teacher guided me very well. Everything was lovely and I could understand everything. Nothing like this in my town. I have never heard of private lesson here.


"A delightful way to start the day"

My yoga instructor is very attentive and adjusts the postures when I have difficulty. I really appreciate the mantras she uses, guiding me through the breathing exercises throughout the entire session.


"Fully communicate with the yoga teacher via zoom"

It was the first experience for me to fully communicate with yoga teachers via zoom. The teacher's voice was clear, and with her guidance I was able to fully be relaxed. I liked it so much.


"Targeted Guidance and Fantastic Experience"

My personal yoga instructor guided targeted exercises, emphasizing posture improvement. Her thoughtful teaching approach was incredibly helpful. A fantastic experience overall.


"Exceptional Care, Valuable Relaxation"

I was impressed by her attention to detail in understanding my health concerns. The personalized recommendations and stretching tips were invaluable, alleviating my tension and leaving me noticeably relaxed.


"Anxiety-Free and Personalized"

Enjoyed personalized online yoga sessions without anxiety. Tailored approach, feeling supported and valued. Highly recommended for a personalized, anxiety-free experience!


"Personalized Attention and Thoughtful Modifications"

The instructor's personalized attention was pleasant and helpful. She considered my individual needs, modifying moves during the session. Her attentiveness to my breathing and gentle reminders were appreciated. Overall, I valued her thoughtful modifications and guidance.


"Unwavering Focus and Serenity: A Transformative Yoga Experience"

The undivided attention I received during the class was incredibly valuable. The focused breathing practice helped me find a sense of calm and tranquility.


"It opened my eyes to how out of shape I was"

The affordability of the program at just $98 per month is fantastic! The yoga teacher appeared to have an impressive grasp of my body's needs, even through the small screen. When I mentioned my tight hamstrings, the teacher understood it immediately and was able to provide guidance. I liked it.


"A Delightful Experience with Fonny"

Fonny was an excellent teacher. Her attentiveness and clear explanations made the experience highly enjoyable. I truly appreciated her dedicated approach and the personalized attention she provided during the practice.


We provide highly personalized 1-on-1 private yoga classes from professional yoga experts at affordable prices — on par with average group classes. Our teachers go above and beyond by providing continuous follow-ups with our students after each class. This includes feedback, progress reports and a personalized class plan tailored to our students' needs and goals.
What will I gain from a free 45-minute trial class?
Upon signing up for our free 45-minute trial class, you will receive 5 amazing benefits:
  1. A private yoga class personalized to your needs.
  2. Lessons adjusted to your pace, based on your level.
  3. A detailed report with feedback on your progress.
  4. Personalized monitoring to help you in achieving your goals.
  5. A 3-month practice plan to keep your progress on track.
Your 1-on-1 private yoga classes are so affordable. How do you do it?
After over two decades of experience in running yoga teacher training schools in Japan and Malaysia, we have successfully established a wide network of connections with highly-skilled yoga teachers across the globe.
How long have you been in the yoga industry?
Our journey began in 2005. We work hand-in-hand with our parent company, Under The Light Yoga School (UTL) - one of the largest yoga teacher training schools in Asia.
How do you maintain the quality of your classes?
Having had extensive experience in running yoga teacher training schools in Japan and Malaysia, we have gained an invaluable understanding of the teaching skills needed for conducting online private yoga classes. We are eager to share our knowledge through our training programs.
  • 18 years of experience in the yoga industry

    Our Yoga journey began in 2005 in Yoyogi, Tokyo.
    It is managed by an experienced management team involved in the yoga industry for over 18 years.

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  • Proven track record of training more than 2,000 yoga instructors

    We have been offering yoga instructor training courses.
    We have trained over 2,000 yoga instructors and are Asia's most prominent yoga instructor training program.

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  • 3,000+ yogis from 40+ countries to practice together

    We have invited more than 100 yoga instructors worldwide, including Janet Lau, Joe Barnett, Kino Macgregor, Olop Arpipi, and Simon Borg-Olivier, to cope with the pandemic and provide the online yoga practice platform "OMTOGETHER" to everyone.

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