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Private Yoga Instructor Fonny Chandra

Specializes :

Yoga for Everyday Yogis

Yoga for Tight Muscles

Yoga for Plus Size & Body Positivity

Yoga for Seniors

Postnatal Yoga

Message from Fonny

 It is all about moderations and self love in which allowing us to build a harmonious connections within. Whether it is your first time in yoga and/or simply in searching dailies comfort in physical body, regulating a goodness in the mind.
Always know that you are welcome to express it thru movement (asana), breathing exercise (pranayama) to create space and heal the mind with meditative/therapy movement.
1 on 1 session is a safe space for each individual, so we will be able to manifest positivity with acceptance in kindness and find balance.
 Props and few things you may consider to have during the practice that you may easily find it at your very own home. Yoga blocks/books, towel or tie or belt, a chair, a pillow/bolster/cushions, wall can be a great one for stretching and balancing, a glass of water, massage oil, essential oil for aroma, paper & pen/pencil for journal.

What Fonny keeps in mind when she leads 1-on-1 yoga practice

 At the beginning and ending is where we start with an open conversation and sharing to find what best to meet individual needs. A verbal adjustment and suggestions with the use of props will be give when necessary.
 I often say to myself during self practice as well as in my teaching, that we all are a beautiful individual in searching for balance and never about perfection. My wish from this practice is to bring Joy through out your journey.

About Fonny Chandra

Fonny completed her 200HR teacher training with Under the Light Studio and accomplished her 300Hr Ayurveda & Yoga training with Indra Yoga Institute (USA).

The journey allows her to immerse into a sustainable lifestyle through Ayurveda, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Social Justice, Meridians, Meditation and Pranayama.

Adopting the equal teaching of Ayurveda and Yoga with moderations, kindness and find joy thru physical practice in all level of practitioners, gender, and ages.

Her teaching rooted in Hatha yoga and Restorative. The correlation between physical movement and mindfulness through breathing allows the mind, body to find a deeper connection within. Through it all, she began to find a deeper connection to the meaning of "Sthira-Sukham Asanam" (steadiness and ease) in her teaching as well as self practices.

All goes hand in hand with an equal quality of nourishment by uniting a harmonious lifetime practice. ​

Customer Reviews

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Adora Cardon

Absolutely incredible! Nothing to improve!

Barbara S. Patterson

I would like more of a challenge. I know Ifm limited on some things. But I would like to push myself Fnony is fantastic. Thank you.

Karen Caulfield


Susie Patterson

Microphone. I can hear, but it could be a little bit clear.

Barbara S. Patterson