Frequently Asked Questions


We provide highly personalized 1-on-1 private yoga classes from professional yoga experts at affordable prices — on par with average group classes. Our teachers go above and beyond by providing continuous follow-ups with our students after each class. This includes feedback, progress reports and a personalized class plan tailored to our students' needs and goals.

What will I gain from a free 45-minute trial class?

Upon signing up for our free 45-minute trial class, you will receive 5 amazing benefits:

1. A private yoga class personalized to your needs.
2. Lessons adjusted to your pace, based on your level.
3. A detailed report with feedback on your progress.
4. Personalized monitoring to help you in achieving your goals.
5. A 3-month practice plan to keep your progress on track.

How long have you been in the yoga industry?

Our journey began in 2005. We work hand-in-hand with our parent company, Under The Light Yoga School (UTL) — one of the largest yoga teacher training schools in Asia.

How long have you been in the yoga industry?

We have been in the yoga induscty since 2005. Our parent company is called UTL, UNDER THE LIGHT YOGA SCHOOL, which is mone of the biggest yoga teacher training schools in Asia.

How do you maintain the quality of your classes?

Having had extensive experience in running yoga teacher training schools in Japan and Malaysia, we have gained an invaluable understanding of the teaching skills needed for conducting online private yoga classes. We are eager to share our knowledge through our training programs.

Where are your yoga teachers from?

Our yoga teachers primarily reside in Asia. (i.e.: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan)

Do your yoga teachers speak fluent English?

Yes, they do! We believe that it is important for yoga teachers to deliver clear verbal instructions to their students. Hence, our selection criteria for each teacher include a strong grasp of yoga teaching skills and English language fluency.