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Everyday Yogis

With your daily practice, you are already on a remarkable journey of flexibility and strength. While you may find ease in many poses, some can still challenge and stretch your limits. Our teachers are here to support and guide you, ensuring your practice evolves at a pace that harmonizes with your body's rhythm and capabilities. 

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Tight Muscles

Individuals with tight muscles may feel pain or discomfort in specific yoga poses. This requires more work to deepen and achieve their dream yoga pose. Our teachers are fully equipped to gently guide you through your practice at a comfortable pace tailored to you

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Private Yoga for Every Sizes

Body Positivity

Experience transformative sessions tailored to your unique needs. Our caring teachers support and guide you on your yoga journey, regardless of body size or shape. Let's embark on this empowering journey together.

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Private Yoga for Seniors


Are you a senior citizen looking for a safe, effective way to enhance your health and overall wellness? Yoga stretches and breathing can bring many health-related benefits for you. Our teachers are trained to tailor your classes according to your pace.

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Private Yoga for Expecting Mothers

Expecting Mothers

Prenatal yoga classes focus on safe and beneficial postures for pregnant women. Our certified prenatal instructors will guide you through specific breathwork and yoga poses to help connect mothers-to-be with their minds and bodies.

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Private Postnatal Yoga

New Mothers

Giving birth and taking care of a newborn is quite a journey. Our certified postnatal instructors will guide you through recovery and restoration, allowing you to breathe and find balance once again.

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Private Yoga for Busy Lifestyles

Busy Lifestyles

Tailored for those leading demanding lives, including professionals,stay-at-home parents, and individuals with hectic schedules, our one-on-one yoga sessionsprovide a convenient and personalized way to find balance and rejuvenation amidst life's hustle.

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Private Yoga for Stress Management Seekers

Stress Management Seekers

Create a serene escape from life's pressures with ourone-on-one yoga sessions, designed to help you find inner peace and mental clarity, leavingstress and anxiety behind.

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