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Why we offer postnatal yoga lessons:

The postpartum body undergoes significant changes. It is subject to enormous stress due to recovery, body reshaping, and adjustment to a new lifestyle. Yoga is an excellent method to address these issues. Yoga not only enhances physical flexibility but also contributes to mental stability. Moreover, by promoting deep breathing, it allows not only relaxation but also a deeper consciousness towards oneself. For these reasons, providing yoga lessons to postpartum women is highly significant.

Features of ONE OM ONE's private one-on-one yoga lessons:

ONE OM ONE's one-on-one private yoga lessons are custom-made lessons tailored to the needs and levels of each customer. With this approach, students can progress at their own pace, while instructors can focus on the specific needs and goals of the students. This is a privileged experience that cannot be obtained in large group classes.

Individually customized instruction to achieve your ideal body:

Our guidance is individually customized and specialized in postpartum care. The postpartum body requires unique care, which greatly depends on individual circumstances. Therefore, we provide optimized programs according to each woman's physical condition and needs. This allows women to practice yoga with confidence and support their own body and mental recovery.

Solving Problems Faced by Postpartum Women

Yoga for Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum Illness and Stress:

Postpartum women often experience ill health due to changes in hormone balance and lack of sleep. In addition, the stress of coping with the new role as a mother can be a significant burden. Yoga, with its deep breathing and poses, can help restore balance to the mind and body.

Physical Decline and Baby Blues:

The physical decline postpartum is further emphasized through the days of child-rearing. On the other hand, baby blues refer to the temporary depression and anxiety that postpartum women experience. Yoga not only improves physical strength but also addresses these issues by promoting relaxation and inner peace.

ONE OM ONE's Private Yoga Instructors Are Experienced and Provide Personalized Support:

At ONE OM ONE private yoga, we cater to a wide range of issues that women may face postpartum. Our experienced instructors are flexible in addressing physical and emotional changes, offering support tailored to each client's needs.

Providing Effective Care with Customized Lessons:

Through individualized lessons, we effectively assist in postpartum body recovery. A postpartum body requires special care, and we plan each lesson so that each woman can enjoy yoga in the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from participating in a yoga program specialized in postnatal care?
Postnatal yoga supports postpartum physical condition management and mental and physical recovery. Specifically, you can expect to regain your strength, alleviate shoulder and back pain, regain your pre-pregnancy body, and stabilize your mood. Furthermore, by promoting stress relief through deep breathing and movement, it is also possible to reduce the risk of postpartum depression.
When is the appropriate time to start postnatal yoga?
It is said that an appropriate time to start postnatal yoga is about six weeks after childbirth. However, since physical condition and recovery vary from person to person, it is recommended to start after receiving advice from a doctor.

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"As a postpartum woman with lower back pain, I was looking for a personalized yoga experience. After trying the one-on-one session, I loved it! The teacher was thorough and understanding. The price packages were attractive, and I appreciated the flexibility of choosing sessions. I'd recommend it with a rating of 7 or 8 out of 10. To improve, offering more frequent packages like twice a week would be great. Overall, I had a very good experience and would happily refer my friends. Thank you!"


"As a postpartum woman, I had been practicing yoga online for some time, but I craved personalized feedback. That's when I discovered the one-on-one session with this yoga teacher training center. Fonny, my instructor, was excellent, providing careful guidance and attention. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I'd rate it 8/10. I'm excited to recommend this service to friends and look forward to my feedback report!"


"After becoming a postpartum woman, I was struggling to find a way to practice yoga that fit my needs and health issues. Then I discovered this amazing one-on-one yoga lesson program. The instructor was incredibly patient and understanding, tailoring the practice to my specific requirements. Yoga has become my go-to form of self-care, helping me cope with anxiety and improve my overall health. The customized online classes were a perfect fit for me, and I found it even better than regular group classes."

  • Private Yoga Instructor Nagisa


    "My ballet background led me to yoga for healing. With certifications in Ashtanga and Iyengar, I tailor practices for postnatal needs, blending deep yoga philosophy with care for your body's journey. Let's connect!"" by Nagisa

  • Shiori

    "I'm your yoga guide for postnatal care. With a blend of a nursing background and yoga certification, sessions are offered that are tailored for new moms. Join in creating a space for healing and growth. Welcome to our circle!" by Shiori

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