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Private Yoga Instructor Sze Ping

Specializes :

Yoga for Tight Muscles

Yoga for Plus Size & Body Positivity

Yoga for Seniors

Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga


Brief Biography

Aquarian mum to 2 ballerinas. I wake up for coffee and love to crochet.
I have been attending yoga classes for more than 15 years, it took some life events that led me to deep dive into yoga and it is now part of me and my healing journey. And after spending more than 15 years working closely with psychiatrists, mental well-being has grown close to my heart. So I learnt how to guide people living with depression, anxiety and trauma through yogic principles and practices.
I aim to provide a safe, inclusive and nourishing container for mindful practices. While I love to teach and spread my love for Yin, I also teach I vary the use of affirmations and poetry in my classes thus I highly encourage journaling your very own journey.