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Yoga Specialties :

Yoga Lessons for Tight Muscles

Yoga Lessons for Plus Size & Body Positivity

Yoga Lessons for Seniors

Yoga Lessons  for Prenatal Yoga

Yoga Lessons  for Postnatal Yoga

Message from Miles

Gyrokinesis is an integrated movement system suitable for various body types, mobility levels, and movement experience. It works gently on the joints, especially the spine, which supports back, hip, and shoulder issues. It tones the internal organs and encourages heathy flow of energy though the body.

What Miles keeps in mind when she leads 1-on-1 yoga practice

In our sessions, together we create the space to learn, heal, and grow through breath, movement, and awareness. By starting with easeful, gentle spinal movements, we create the opportunity for centeredness, openness, and relaxation. In this space, we can feel deeply supported and abide in a real sense of wholeness and peace.

About Miles Maeda

Miles Maeda has been a teacher of yoga and meditation for the past 21 years. He has worked with students all over the world, helping to develop practice centers in Chicago IL, San Diego CA, Portland OR, Long Beach CA and Tokyo Japan. Miles specializes in the practical application of yoga in daily life, creating with his students intentional focus in health, education, creativity and community.

Miles’ comprehensive training encompasses the evolving styles of yoga as they have existed on the planet over the past 18,000 years. His intensive studies range from the classical Indian yogas (Hatha and Kundalini Yoga) to East Asian traditions (Tao Yoga) to the ancient schools of Central Asia (Tibetan/Yungdrung Bön, Tantra and Sufism). He continues to enrich his education and experience through modern movements systems such as Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®.

As an educator, Miles offers teacher training through the World Evolution school of yoga as an E-RYT/RYT 500 teacher. His current classes and workshops introduce the rich diversity of yoga styles and provide useful applications for practice in every day life. Ultimately, as a teacher, Miles’ goal is to be an example of what he teaches as well as to create opportunities for students to deepen their own experience, understanding and connection to practice. Miles is currently residing in Southern California where he is conducting the 5-year Rudra Yoga Program at Liberty Advance retreat center.

1996-98: completed Comprehensive Course in Yoga training, World Evolution School of Yoga
1996-99: received Reiki Levels I, II and Master, Margie Britain
1998-present: continuing training in the Sufi tradition, Isa Love
1999-present: continuing training in the Bön tradition, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Lama Khemsar Rinpoche
2002: completed teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga, Tim Miller
2003-08: completed 5-year Rudra Yoga Teacher Training, World Evolution School of Yoga
2005-2008: received Matrix Energetics Levels I, II and III, Richard Bartlett
1996-2007: completed Business/Life Management Teacher Training, World Evolution School of Yoga
2008: completed Lifestream Field Generator Certification, John D. Riley
2009: received GYROTONIC Level I Certification, Emma Kingston, Billy Macagnone, Debra Rose
2010: received GYROKINESIS Level I Certification, Irene Pulli, Emma Kingston, Erika Hassan
2011: Ashtanga Yoga/Body Matrix workshop with Richard Freeman
2015: completed GYROKINESIS Level II training, Akemi Inoue, Juliu Horvath
2014-2016: completed GYROTONIC Level II training, Akemi Inoue
2018: completed Yoga for PTSD Training, Marc Titus