3 ways to make your home yoga better

Practicing yoga at home is awesome. You can do it whenever and however you want. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up the vibe without a teacher or a group.

Here are 3 tips to rock your home yoga training.

1. Create an atmosphere
Customize your environment to your liking and remove any distractions for your home yoga training.

2. Invest in props
Use props to enhance your poses and improve your posture, like a strap, blocks, a bolster, and a blanket.

3. Pay attention to temperature
Make sure your room temperature is warm enough in winter, and cool enough in summer, to avoid injury or heat stroke.

If you need a little push to get on the mat regularly, check out ONE OM ONE. They have amazing yoga teachers from all over the world who can give you 1-on-1 sessions for the same price as a group class.

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