Own your practice. Don’t compare yourself with others.


Are you an ambitious type A personality who thrives on constant improvement? That drive to push yourself and reach new heights is a fantastic quality! However, when it comes to yoga, it's important to remember that listening to your body takes precedence.

Here's the key: You don’t have to try too hard, and your pose doesn’t have to look like the best in the class. You don’t have to compare yourself with your past self. Focus on the present moment and the unique sensations within your own body.

Sure, tracking progress is valuable. It allows you to celebrate your achievements and identify areas for continued growth. But there's a crucial difference between tracking progress and harshly criticizing yourself for not reaching a specific goal in a set timeframe. Remember, you are the author of your yoga journey, not others or your past performance. Celebrate every step on the path, and trust that consistent practice will lead to natural improvement.
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