Unlock your inner warrior's full potential!

Unlock your inner warrior's full potential!

Warrior II, Triangle Pose, and Extended Side Angle Pose are a powerful trio for a reason. ‍These warrior "siblings" all focus on external hip rotation, a key element that can sometimes get neglected in Warrior II (hello belly button peeking forward!).

Practicing Triangle and Extended Side Angle will help you open up those tight hips, allowing for a deeper and more aligned Warrior II. ✨

Subtle misalignments often go unnoticed during solo practice, potentially leading to injury or imbalances.

Try a ONE ON ONE online yoga session – it's the perfect antidote! No commuting, ditch the expensive studios (and sweaty smells!), and get personalized guidance from our expert instructors who will spot your alignment and tailor a flow to your exact needs and mood. ✨ 

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