You can spend time with your pet while you doing yoga!

Ditch the couch and get ready for some tail wags and downward-facing doggos! Ditching the routine for some quality time with your furry companion is a fantastic way to boost your mood, stretch those muscles, and create lasting memories together. Whether you prefer a brisk walk through the park, letting your pup sniff out all the exciting scents, or an adventure in downward dog at home, incorporating your dog into your active lifestyle strengthens your bond and keeps both of you healthy and happy.

So why not skip the solo yoga session today and turn it into a doga date with your best bud?🐶🧘‍♀️ 

Imagine the look of concentration on your pup's face (or maybe just a goofy grin!) as they try to mimic your downward-facing dog pose. While ONE OM ONE offers private yoga sessions designed for you, they're more than happy to welcome your furry friend along for the ride! Schedule your first trial class and see how much fun doga can be for both of you!

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