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Private Yoga Instructor Leng Zie

Specializes :

Prenatal Yoga

Message from Leng Zie

Prenatal Yoga is a beautiful practice to prepare for childbirth and motherhood. Like all yoga practices, it connects body, mind and during pregnancy it connects with the beautiful soul within too. From teaching breathing techniques to providing opportunities for bump-friendly stretching, prenatal yoga is great for working out for two. In addition to building strength and flexibility and relieving stress, a steady practice of prenatal yoga can help your body prepare for labour.

What Leng Zie keeps in mind when she leads 1-on-1 yoga practice

Even though practicing yoga while pregnant is usually really beneficial, it should always be cleared by a doctor first. And, once you have the go-ahead from your healthcare provider/doctor

About Leng Zie

Lengzie's yoga journey began as she began to feel the transformation that yoga has in her life. She felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others and eagerly continued her journey by completing YTT 200 hours . Subsequently she enrolled into more courses,such as Prenatal/ Postnatal yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Healing pose and many more even up til today. She feels priviledged to be able to teach yoga and to introduce yoga in the hope that women might find some sense of healing and empowerment .

The benefits of yoga has been widely known and it benefits women during all stages of their life including prenatal and postnatal period. The satisfaction and happiness of seeing the mother connects to the child, at the same time benefits from the physical postures, breathing techniques and relaxation along with the transformations they make within themselves truly brings joy to her. She is also proud that they are able to express their transformation into positivity in their lives. She look forward to share with you the knowledge of  Yoga  and create a space of sharing, caring and love.