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Yoga Specialties :

Yoga Lessons for Tight Muscles

Message from Shirlyn

Yoga is not about how flexibility you can be or how much of advance poses that you can perform. It’s all about self love, centering yourself and strengthen yourself from the inside out. The Great Wall was not built in a day, so does the yoga journey. Be faithful to yourself, what you need is listen to your body and flow with the heart.

What Shirlyn keeps in mind when she leads 1-on-1 yoga practice

Please let me know in advance if you have any injuries or any concern you may want to emphasize during the class. I’ll plan the class accordingly to your body condition. Yoga props such as strap, blocks and even wall can be helpful throughout the practice. Letting go all the stress and put a smile on your face during your practice.

About Shirlyn Tan

Back in 2013, Shirlyn started to face lower back pain due to scoliosis. After seeking for doctor advice, Shirlyn started to practice yoga. Yoga doesn’t ease the pain away by just one time of practices, after a few months of practicing, Shirlyn start to see improvement and the lower back pain does not ache that often. She then committed to practice consistently from year 2015 onward. Eventually the pain slowly slip away. This had later inspired her to turn her passion from a student into a teacher, to help more people.

During 2018, Shirlyn also started to practice Aerial Yoga. It’s does brings a lot of fun and stress releasing. She did a Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 and started to lead the class in 2020.

By completing her 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training course in 2021 with Under The Light Yoga School, Shirlyn is now a certified yoga teacher. Through out the fruitful journey of teacher training course, she had deepened the knowledge of the yoga, not only focusing on the poses but also the breathing techniques, meditation and some philosophy. Completing TTC, it did not stop her from learning. She still practice her yoga with other teacher. Bringing herself to a new level of mind, soul and body.