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Yoga Specialties :

Yoga Lessons for Tight Muscles

Yoga Lessons for Plus Size & Body Positivity

Yoga Lessons for Seniors

Message from Tomoko

Do you think yoga requires flexibility?

When I started yoga, I was the stiffest person in the yoga class. 

I was pretty embarrassed that  I couldn't do even a very simple pose with my stiff body, so every time the teacher had to come to adjust my pose.

But actually it was such a gift for me. 

I love each process of my yoga journey.

Yoga brought happiness, joy, health and inner peace to my life.

I learned so many things based on my experiences, then my body has changed by daily practice.

Our body has so much potential more than we think.

No one has the same body so we just need different approach and cultivate our own path.

I want you to be the master of your body,mind and soul.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the mat and exploring your yoga journey together.

What Tomoko keeps in mind when she leads 1-on-1 yoga practice

I really want you to feel your body fully with safety first, instead of just doing asana (poses) .

Everyone has different body shape, flexibility, muscle mass, difficulties of the pose. 

So I always carefully observe their alignment and find the  adjustment which is suitable for each person.

Your goals can change anytime.

I provide yoga classes according to the state of the body and mind of the day for you.

About Tomoko Abe

Tomoko has been practicing yoga for 10 years and finished RYT200 in 2017 Bali, in Indonesia.

After that she has been traveling to 15 countries to learn yoga deeper, exploring her yoga journey and sharing her experience all over the world.

When she started yoga, she just felt her body changed physically but she realized yoga helps not only physically,

but also mentally and spiritually too, after her practice became consistent.

Tomoko has experienced Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga many different types of yoga and also has learned Thai yoga massage and Pranayama(breathing technique)too.

From 2018 she worked as an assistant for RYT200 course and since 2020 She has focused on work as an online private yoga instructor and support others practice, for beginners, advanced practitioner, all level students all over the world.

She loves to build interactive connections with others through practice.

She has so much passion for you to learn and explore your yoga journey together, and support your practice with compassionate heart.