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A private yoga class designed around your needs and abilities is the safest & easiest way to build a healthy yoga habit!

You will work out together with your instructors according to a program designed JUST FOR YOU.

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1-on-1 Private Yoga for Senior Citizens

Benefits of Private One-on-One Yoga Lessons for Seniors

[1] You need someone to understand your situation

For the seniors who are looking for a safe, effective way to enhance their health and overall wellness.Slower-paced classes which focus more on stretching and breathing will result in many benefits for older adults.

[2] You need to take your own path to reach your goal

Our instructor will help you to plan your practice and leads you to your goals.

[3] Personal feedbacks will work for you

Our instructor will give you feedbacks for your own situations.

[4] Safety is the most priority

Safety practice is the fastest way to improve your practice.

[5] Proven reputation to secure your pracitice

You need a ceitain partner with proven record. We have been working for yoga industries 18 years and have built reputation in Asia.

[6] 1 on 1 but affordable price

We recruit good quality yogainstructors from countries with relatively low currency rate so that you can make 1 on 1 practice with daily routine.

Service Overview

  • Why we offer yoga lessons to seniors:

    We offer yoga lessons for seniors to help them maintain their flexibility, muscle strength, and sense of balance. At the same time, this holistic approach contributes to their mental wellbeing. This ensures they are able to lead a healthy and high quality of life.

  • Features of ONE OM ONE's private one-on-one yoga lessons:

    In our private yoga lessons, we pay individual attention to each client and provide guidance tailored to your needs. This allows you to understand yourself and learn at your own pace.

  • Personalized learning that takes health and body condition into consideration:

    We consider the health and physical condition of seniors to provide safe and effective yoga lessons. Our lessons are customized according to each person's abilities, health status, and goals - ensuring each individual is able to progress at their own pace

Solving Concerns of Seniors

  • Improving Difficulty with body movements:

    Yoga improves muscle flexibility and joint mobility, ensuring smooth body movements that lead to improved quality of daily life.

  • Improving Poor health:

    Regular yoga practice helps normalize physical functions and strengthen immunity, reducing days of poor health.

  • Progress at your own pace without overexertion:

    In our private one-on-one yoga lessons, we proceed according to the physical capabilities and needs of our clients. This allows you to continue at your own pace without overexertion.

Yoga for Seniors

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga for Seniors

  • Will yoga poses or movements strain my body?

    ONE OM ONE's private yoga takes into consideration the health conditions of seniors, so you can engage in it without overexerting your body.

  • I'm worried I may not be able to do yoga movements properly.

    Our experienced instructors provide individual instruction, so even beginners can participate with peace of mind.



Enjoyed my personalized yoga session with July Lai. She provided detailed advice and helpful exercises for my tension issues. The service feels more beneficial than YouTube workouts. Pricing is reasonable and I would highly recommend it to others.


Attending this yoga class made a significant difference for me. Tailor-made to my needs, the breathing exercises helped me feel calm and focused, an experience I rarely achieve. Additionally, the competitive pricing for private lessons makes it a fantastic offering that I'd highly recommend.


I thoroughly enjoyed my personalized yoga experience. The instructor was attentive and adapted the pace to my needs. The convenience of home-based sessions is unparalleled, and at $25/session, the price is just right. I wish they offered more frequent packages. Overall, I'd rate my experience a solid 7/8 out of 10 and would recommend it to friends.

  • July Lai

    "Senior Class is taught based on classical Hatha Yoga which typically involve gentle physical postures (yoga poses) and breathing techniques. Better balance, stronger bones and better breathing can be achieved after a period of time practicing yoga." by Luly Lai

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